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Like most life’s best things, the secret to Cleaver’s success is surprisingly simple. Cleaver’s ethos was built on good, old-fashioned values from day one.

Cleaver's Australian organic family farmers

Starting from scratch in Sydney in 1998, Cleaver’s products are now stocked in supermarkets across Australia. We achieved this by never losing sight of our key aim: providing Australian families with delicious, healthy and ethical organic meat products.

Cleaver’s is run by passionate people who take tremendous pride in what they do. We live by the ‘gate to plate’ mantra and continue to partner with the same farming families who supplied our founding store.

At Cleaver’s we believe farmers are custodians of the land. By respecting and supporting our network of Australian farmers, Cleaver’s helps to ensure their farms will remain viable and productive for generations to come.

Cleaver’s products are sourced from animals raised entirely in a free range environment with everything nature intended – and nothing it didn’t. All of our products – from fresh meat and sausages to oven-ready meals – are carefully produced to stringent standards. They are delicious, convenient and as natural as possible.

Cleaver’s is now 100% carbon neutral

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