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Cleaver's hotdogs

Cleaver’s Hot Dogs declared ‘Organic Food Product of the Year’

Cleaver’s grass-fed certified organic beef hot dogs have won the coveted ‘Certified Organic Food Product of the Year’ award.

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Cleaver's organic award winning hotdogs

Australia’s First Organic Beef Hot Dog!

Australians finally have a hot dog they can trust. Cleaver’s has launched a delicious traditional American style hot dog that is certified organic.

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Cleaver's organic spring lamb

Why you should buy spring lamb in season

You have no doubt heard the term ‘spring lamb’ being spruiked at butcher shops and meat counters however for many people the term still holds...

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Cleaver's organic soil

Are pesticides a danger to worms and bees?

Organic farms may become more popular as a result of new research highlighting the devastating effects of popularly used chemical pesticides.

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Arcadian angus steers

3 reasons why antibiotic use in animals could be harmful

There are now more concerns than ever about the effects of eating meat laced with antibiotics – here are some reasons to consider switching to...

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