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Cleaver’s Organic Meat Paleo Beef Sausage

Jul 6, 2015 | Animal welfare

Paleo lovers who also love the humble sausage have always had to choose one or the other – but no more.

Cleaver's paleo beef sausages

Cleaver’s Organic Meat has introduced the Paleo Beef Sausage!

The Cleaver’s Paleo Beef Sausage uses the finest organic grass fed beef.  It combines all of the deliciousness, moisture and soft, fluffy texture you’d expect in a gourmet sausage – without any soy or grain.

Our Paleo Beef Sausage is made using only the finest quality ingredients. We start with prime organic grass fed beef then flavour it with some sweet organic carrots, organic sautéed onion and organic garlic.  The sausage is then lightly seasoned with organic pepper and Australian sea salt before being wrapped in a natural sausage casing.

You don’t need to be following a paleo diet to enjoy our Paleo Beef Sausage, it is suitable for anyone who enjoys high quality allergen free beef sausages. The Paleo Beef Sausage will be available in stores from the 15th of July 2015.