Chuck & Brisket Beef Burger

For delicious burgers that will be voted better than any takeaway joint, try our organic and paleo-friendly Chuck & Beef Brisket Burger patties.

Cleaver's Organic Chuck & Brisket Beef Burger
Serves per pack: 4

Love the convenience of pre-made burger patties but not the nasty additives? Made with a flavour-filled combination of 96% chuck and brisket, our organic and paleo beef burger patties are guaranteed to be free from soy, wheat, rice, processed vegetable oils and allergens such as eggs, gluten and diary.

Simply BBQ or pan-fry the burgers, grab some fresh buns and add your favourite burger toppings like cheese, tomato, egg, lettuce or beetroot. Then get ready to enjoy the best tasting burgers you’ve ever made at home!

Suitable for BBQ or pan fry.
Cook on medium heat until cooked through, turning occasionally.
Not suitable for microwaving.
Cooking times are approximate only.

Organic Beef (96%) (Chuck, Brisket), Organic Sauteed Onion (Organic Onion, Rendered Organic Grass Fed Beef Fat), Australian Sea Salt, Organic Black Pepper.

Avg quantity per servingAvg quantity per 100g
GlutenNil DetectedNil Detected
Fat, total19.6g17.4g
- saturated8.9g7.9g
Carbohydrate, total1.6g1.45g
- sugars0.1g0.1g

Certified Organic ACO

Cleaver’s Organic Chuck & Brisket Beef Burgers

Cleaver’s Organic Chuck & Brisket Beef Burgers