Organic Beef Jerky – Pepper Steak

This delicious meaty snack is made in small batches using only traditional methods and certified organic ingredients. This pepper steak flavour is just to die for, make sure you have a pack handy at all times!

Cleaver's Organic Beef Jerky Pepper Steak
Serves per pack: 1

Cleaver’s certified organic ‘Pepper Steak’ beef jerky is the real deal.

Our grass fed organic beef is 100% Australian. It becomes infused with delicious flavours from the aromatic seasonings that evenly coat the meat. Then we add just the right amount of pepper to provide some extra bite.

The final touch is the slow smoking to give it that unique natural flavour of the outdoors.

Available in 10 pack shipper cartons.

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Organic Beef, Organic Sugar, Water, Organic Fruit Juice, Salt, Organic Honey, Organic Pepper, Organic Dehydrated Vegetables (incl. Onion, Garlic), Celery Powder.

Avg quantity per servingAvg quantity per 100g
GLUTENNil DetectedNil Detected
FAT. Total0.6g2.0g
- Saturated0.3g0.9g
CARBOHYDRATE, Total11.1g36.9g
- Sugars7.8g25.9g

Certified Organic ACO

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