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Grass Fed Lamb Leg

If your family loves lamb, then our grass fed lamb leg is perfect for creating succulent lamb dishes that will absolutely indulge them. Choose Greek, Moroccan, Middle Eastern or Brazilian styles, there are many delicious ways you can cook our lamb leg!

Cleaver's Grass Fed Lamb Leg

Whether you are after a quick meal that includes lamb and an easy side dish, or you have the time to go all out with a more elaborated recipe, you can’t really go wrong with our juicy grass fed lamb leg. Just make sure you don’t forget to let it rest for a few minutes after cooking to allow the juices to reabsorb for a beautiful and tender lamb dish.

Our Grass Fed Lamb Leg is made using 100% Australian Free Range Lamb. Our lambs are raised in the rich farming country of the Riverina. They are all grass fed and free to roam in pasture their entire lives.

This product is guaranteed to be free of preservatives, antibiotics and added hormones, and it is also gluten free. Grab a pack or two from your nearest stockist today!

Not suitable for microwaving.

100% Australian Free Range Lamb

Cleaver's Organic Lamb Arabian Recipe

Arabian Lamb with roasted cauliflower, crushed pea and quinoa tabbouleh

Cleaver’s organic butterflied lamb leg cooked the Arabian way, accompanied by a cauliflower and pea salad and quinoa tabbouleh.