Organic Beef Porterhouse Steak Pack

The Porterhouse Pack consists of 20 high quality porterhouse steaks perfectly suited to grilling or barbecuing.

Cleaver's Organic Porterhouse Steak Pack

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Porterhouse is one of the most popular cuts of beef.  It’s a favourite the world over, and often the first choice of many steak lovers. Porterhouse is also known as ‘sirloin’ or ‘new york strip’, but it’s always delicious whatever you call it.  The Porterhouse Pack consists of 20 steaks perfectly suited to grilling or barbecuing.

These Porterhouse Steaks come from entirely grass-fed animals. They are certified organic, free range and 100% carbon neutral. Delicious and natural, you can use these steaks in a multitude of different recipes to treat your family and friends.

Porterhouse Steak Pack Contents

  • Porterhouse Steaks x 20 (pieces)
  • Great easy to cook recipes x 3

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100% Grass-fed Certified Organic Beef.

Certified Organic ACO
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