Organic Lamb Butterfly Leg

Bursting with flavour and farm-to-table freshness, our grass-fed organic lamb butterfly leg will create a winning meal every time.

Cleaver's Organic Lamb Butterflied Leg

For a full-flavoured protein hit that will excite even the fussiest of palates, you can’t go past Cleaver’s range of free-range and grass-fed organic lamb. Whether it’s roasted, barbecued or grilled, Cleaver’s Organic Lamb Butterfly Leg is the delicious and healthy way to enjoy Australian lamb that is free from preservatives, gluten, added hormones and synthetic additives.

Make sure you don’t forget to let your lamb butterfly leg rest for a few minutes after cooking. This will allow the juices to reabsorb for the most succulent, juicy and tender lamb you’ve ever tasted!

Certified Organic ACO