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We source all of our beef, lamb and chicken from animals raised on certified organic family-owned farms. Our producers are required to maintain the highest quality standards and demonstrate commitment to upholding the principles of certified organic farming.

Cleaver's Organics Walker family Gillespie station

Walker Family, Gillespie Station

The Walker family have been farming Gillespie station since 1959 and have been organic since 2004. Today the Walkers farm Santa Gertudis cattle and pride themselves on being an animal-centric operation with an unwavering focus on animal welfare.


Cleaver's organics Shaw family Wanditta station

Shaw Family, Wanditta Station

The Shaw family have been providing Cleaver’s with certified organic beef for over seven years. They are GAP accredited (Global Animal Partnership), a welfare standard partnership that promotes continuous improvement in animal agriculture.


Cleaver's organic Palmer family Overnewton station

Palmer Family, Overnewton Station

Three generations of the Palmer family work together at the Overnewton Station in western New South Wales to raise and produce delicious organic sheep. Their farm has been certified organic for five years.


Penjobe Pastoral

Mayne Family, Penjobe Pastoral

Dan and Holly are fourth generation graziers who manage Penjobe Pastoral in Central Queensland. As leaders in the organic cattle industry with a reputation for producing high-quality product, they were awarded the Australian Certified Organic Farmer of the Year award in 2017.


Cleaver's Organics Youngberry Family Inglewood

Youngberry Family, Inglewood Organic

Owned and managed by father and daughter team Andrew Youngberry and Katrina Hobbs, Inglewood Organic is dedicated to rearing chickens using only strict certified organic farming methods. All birds are able to forage freely, living as nature intended.



All our farms are run and owned by passionate Australian farming families who take a whole system approach to their farming, putting an emphasis on animal welfare, sustainability and ecologically sound practices.


Our cattle, lambs and chicken are raised truly free range without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, antibiotics or added hormones. Our Certified Organic livestock are never confined to feedlots or fed grain. They are entirely grass fed and finished.


We are committed to providing the highest standards in meat quality and ethical production. Cleaver’s organic meat is always sourced from animals that have been humanely raised in a free range environment.