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The Cleaver's Range


From our quality organic free range beef, lamb and chicken ranges, to our quick and easy oven-ready meals, it’s the food you love, made a better way.

Certified organic, sustainable and delicious.


Cleaver's Organic Chicken Schnitzel

Organic Chicken Schnitzel

Our delicious chicken schnitzel are certified organic and carbon neutral. They're made with meat that comes from free range birds which enjoy the highest levels of freedom, living as nature intended.

Beef Sausages with Australian Honey

These certified organic and grass fed beef sausages with Australian honey are delicious, ethical and free of nasties. They are sure to be a hit at home or at your next party!
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Mince Extra Lean

Organic Extra Lean Beef Mince

From our Aussie farmers to your dinner table! Cleaver’s Extra Lean organic and 100% grass-fed beef mince is the magic ingredient you need to make a host of delicious dishes.
Cleaver's Organic Grass fed Beef Meatballs

Organic Beef Meatballs

Feel good with sustainable, carbon neutral & high animal welfare, organic & grass fed beef meatballs. 380g of the finest ingredients, this product is ideal for creating quick, healthier and family friendly meals. Meatball subs, pizza or pasta never tasted so good!
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Mince Premium front

Organic Premium Beef Mince

Whip up everyday family favourites like spaghetti bolognese, rissoles or cottage pie with Cleaver's organic and 100% grass-fed premium beef mince.
Cleaver's Organic Grass fed Beef Chuck & Brisket Burgers

Organic Beef Chuck & Brisket Burgers

For delicious burgers that are not only better for the planet but will also be voted better than any takeaway joint, try our organic and grass fed Beef Chuck & Brisket Burger patties. Free of nasties and full of flavour!
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Stir Fry front

Organic Beef Stir fry

Convenient and guilt-free! Better for the animals and the planet, our organic beef stir fry will become your go-to option for a quick, healthier and delicious homemade mid-week meal. Try it with your favourite stir fry recipe today!
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Sausages

Organic Beef Sausages

All of the deliciousness, moisture and soft, fluffy texture you’d expect in a gourmet sausage – without any soy or gluten! These beautiful carbon neutral sausages are made with certified organic grass fed and finished beef, that comes from animals and farms which have been cared for!
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Lasagne

Organic Beef Lasagne

Delicious layers of rich organic grass fed beef, tender pasta and creamy béchamel sauce – all topped with a layer of golden melted cheese. Convenient for those busy days, without the guilt!
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Lamb Sausages Mint & Rosemary

Organic Lamb Mint & Rosemary Sausages

Our great-tasting organic lamb Mint & Rosemary sausages are free of artificial preservatives and gluten, with no added hormones or antibiotics.
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Hotdogs

Organic Beef Hotdogs

These award-winning American-style beef hotdogs are certified carbon neutral, organic and 100% grass fed. They're skinless and pre-cooked to perfection with a wood-smoked flavour. Simply heat and serve!

Organic Chicken Nuggets

These award-winning chicken nuggets are Certified Organic and Carbon Neutral. They're made with meat that comes from free range birds which enjoy the highest levels of freedom, living as nature intended.
cleaver's organic grassfed beef porterhouse steak

Organic Beef Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse is one of the most popular cuts of beef, and often the first choice of many steak lovers. Even better when it is certified Carbon Neutral and meets the highest animal welfare requirements.
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Beef Eye Fillet

Organic Beef Eye Fillet

Our carbon neutral beef eye fillet is bursting with farm-to-table freshness. Steak nights just got better than ever before with Cleaver's!
Cleaver's Organic Grass fed Lamb Mince

Organic Lamb Mince

Not sure what to cook tonight? Prepare a huge variety of tempting midweek meals with our grass-fed and finished organic lamb mince.
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Lamb Butterflied Leg

Organic Lamb Butterflied Leg

If your family loves lamb, then our carbon neutral, organic and 100% grass fed butterflied lamb leg is perfect for creating succulent lamb dishes that will absolutely indulge them. Choose Greek, Moroccan, Middle Eastern or Brazilian styles, there are many delicious ways!
cleaver's organic grassfed beef scotch fillet steak

Organic Beef Scotch Fillet

Cleaver’s sustainable and certified organic 100% grass-fed beef scotch fillet has a distinctly rich, meaty flavour and juicy tenderness.
Cleaver's Organic Grassfed Lamb Boneless Loin Pieces

Organic Lamb Boneless Loin Pieces

Exceed your expectations with our 100% grass-fed organic lamb boneless loin steak. It’s free of artificial preservatives, antibiotics and added hormones. Juicy and tender, just like you’re imagining it!
Cleaver's organic grassfed lamb cutlets

Organic Lamb Cutlets

No need for knives and forks! Serve up our grass-fed organic lamb cutlets for a meal guaranteed to be a child friendly family pleaser.
cleaver's organic grassfed beef rump steak

Organic Beef Rump Steak

Our sustainable and certified organic 100% grass-fed beef rump is rich and flavoursome. It's ideal for any family or group meal occasion, and perfect to serve with asian style beef salad dishes.