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Cleaver’s Slow Cooker Lamb Chop Recipes

There are marvellous benefits to a slow cooker but to sum them up – minimal effort, maximum flavour and all the tenderness. Cleaver’s lamb chops...

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Cleaver’s Air Fryer Steak Recipes

Cooking steak in an air fryer is a very popular food trend this year and also a spectacularly simple way to cook your organic meat....

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Asian Beef Bowls Recipes

Change up your weeknight dinners with our list of easy and delicious Asian beef bowl recipes. If you are wanting to make an Asian beef...

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Beef Mince Pie

Beef Mince Pie Recipes

Make the very best beef mince pie with Cleaver’s Organic Beef Mince! Whether you’re a fan of the classic Aussie mince pie, feel like mixing...

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Cleaver's Organic Original Jerky

Everything You Need To Know About Beef Jerky

For a long time, beef jerky had a reputation as a controversial snackfood – ‘you either love it or hate it’ was a popular opinion...

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Cleaver’s is now home delivered!

Get Cleaver’s fresh products Home Delivered! Cleaver’s customers can now get Cleaver’s fresh products delivered directly to their door Many customers want the convenience of...

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Home Delivery is Coming!

Get Cleaver’s fresh products Home Delivered! Very soon Cleaver’s customers will get Cleaver’s fresh products delivered directly to their door Many customers want the convenience...

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Cleaver's organic plastic trays


At Cleaver’s it’s our challenge to produce delicious certified organic products with everything customers expect from their fresh food (and none of the undesirable things...

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Cleaver's hotdogs

Cleaver’s Hot Dogs declared ‘Organic Food Product of the Year’

Cleaver’s grass-fed certified organic beef hot dogs have won the coveted ‘Certified Organic Food Product of the Year’ award.

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Cleaver's organic award winning hotdogs

Australia’s First Organic Beef Hot Dog!

Australians finally have a hot dog they can trust. Cleaver’s has launched a delicious traditional American style hot dog that is certified organic.

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New Cleaver's stockists in SA

New Cleaver’s stockists in South Australia and organic recipes for the school holidays

We are happy to announce new Cleaver’s Stockists in South Australia. We also have some featured recipes to keep the kids fed over the holidays.

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Cleaver's organic rebrand

Cleaver’s has a brand new look!

We’ve launched a completely new look for the Cleaver’s brand.

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