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The product is simply made from certified organic grass-fed beef (100% Australian) along with certified organic spices (a secret combination), organic vegetable extracts (like rosemary) and organic onion and garlic.

“Everyone is busy and short of time.  Consumers are looking for food that is delicious, convenient and made from healthy ingredients . Families trust Cleaver’s to provide high quality organic food for their loved ones so we rose to the challenge for them.  Creating a delicious certified organic hot dog offers them a convenient option for so many meal occasions.” said Alister Ferguson, Director and CEO of Cleaver’s parent company, Arcadian Organic.

Cleaver’s beef hot dogs are certified organic.  That means no synthetic chemicals, no added hormones, no GMOs and no antibiotics – ever.  It also means that the meat comes from animals that were raised entirely ‘free range’ and 100% grass fed.  The hot dogs are also free from gluten, allergens and preservatives.

With a delicious wood smoked flavor, Cleaver’s traditional American style skinless ‘dogs’ come pre-cooked and offer a true hot dog taste.

Cleaver’s beef hot dogs are made using only high-quality certified organic grass-feed beef.  They are cooked and smoked using a traditional method. The best way to consume them is to just simply heat and serve.   For best results we suggest simmering the hot dogs (without boiling) for just  6 minutes or gently heat on a hotplate or grill. Serve them in a bun accompanied by your favourite toppings.

Cleaver’s hot dogs are available now at selected Woolworths stores in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. You will find them in the FRESH MEAT section.