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As an organic business we are also very conscious of the need to be economical with the earth’s resources.  That’s why we’re very happy to announce that as of this week the rigid trays used to pack many Cleaver’s products CAN BE RECYCLED.  This represents the vast majority of Cleaver’s production.

This week we commenced packing all Cleaver’s mince, sausages, meat balls, stir fry and burger products in clear recyclable trays.

We anticipate that the first Cleaver’s products in these new clear trays will begin appearing on store shelves tomorrow – Friday the 3rd of August.

For quality and safety, it’s imperative that our organic products are as fresh as possible.  Since we only use natural options we rely on the quality of the packaging to ensure they are always delicious and fresh when you serve them to your family.  For this reason, we are still evaluating packaging alternatives for the portion of our range that is packaged in ‘skin pack’ format.  We use this for products such as our steaks.  For the moment these products will still use the black flexible bottom film.  We will continue evaluating packaging alternatives for this portion of our range and will provide an update as soon as we’ve identified a suitable option.

All of the other great things about Cleaver’s are staying the same.  You’ll still find Cleaver’s products in the same section of the supermarket, and Cleaver’s product labels and wrap around sleeves will remain unchanged (except for some new recycling logos that we will add progressively).  When you’re shopping be sure to look out for the distinctive Cleaver’s logo and labels you recognise.  We can promise that the quality and freshness of our Cleaver’s products in the new clear trays will remain as high as always.

We really hope you’re as pleased as we are about this improvement to Cleaver’s products.

For now, we’d just like to remind everyone that after using your Cleaver’s product please rinse the clear recyclable tray, remove (and discard) the thin film and put the tray into your yellow recycling bin.