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Grass Fed Beef Eye Fillet Steak

Cleaver’s 100% grass-fed beef eye fillet is one of the tenderest beef steaks you’ll ever try. Just make sure you don’t over cook it! Grab a few packs from your nearest stockist today and enjoy this fantastic product with your loved ones.

Cleaver's Grass Fed Beef Eye Fillet

Are you wanting to impress your family and friends? If your answer was yes, then our 100% grass fed beef eye fillet steaks are just what you need! Simply cook them to their liking on a grill, fry pan or BBQ and serve with their favourite side of salad or vegetables for a quick but spectacular meal. Remember this cut of beef is best served rare or medium rare.

Our Grass Fed Beef Eye Fillet Steaks are made using 100% Australian Free Range Beef. Our cattle are raised in Australia according to strict animal welfare standards. They enjoy unrestricted access to the outdoors and roam freely as nature intended.

This product is guaranteed to be free of preservatives, antibiotics or added hormones, and it is also gluten free. Easy, healthy and absolutely delicious. Your taste buds can thank us later!

Suitable for barbecue, grill or pan fry.
Cook on medium heat until cooked through, turning occasionally.
Not suitable for microwaving.

100% Australian Free Range Beef

Cleaver's organic rump steak

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